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Flame Retardant Introduction

Flame Retardant Introduction

Aluminium hydroxide Use in Flame Retardants

Aluminium hydroxide Use in Flame Retardants

  • 2020-07-10

The flame retardant aluminum hydroxide can be used flexibly, which can be used with other flame retardant to obtain better synergistic effect, or can be used alone.


1. Blend

Common multi-use systems include:


(1) aluminum hydroxide with chlorinated paraffin, antimony trioxide of the ternary system, generated by reaction of antimony trioxide and chlorinated paraffin, antimony chloride, it is big, high boiling point, can sink in the combustion zone for a long time to have the effect of isolating oxygen source, aluminum hydroxide can further improve the flame retardancy, makes the material self-extinguishing further shorten the time.


(2) Aluminum hydroxide and zinc borate are used together to form porous sintering blocks during combustion, which can effectively inhibit the thermal decomposition of rubber and act as a barrier to air.


(3) Decabromodiphenyl ethane, aluminum hydroxide and antimony trioxide form a ternary system, which can not only cooperate with each other, but also give play to their own strengths and play a complementary advantage. Among them, aluminum hydroxide mainly undertakes heat absorption and cooling, while SbBr3 formed by decabromodiphenyl ethane and antimony trioxide has a very good effect of air isolation.




Flame retardant aluminum hydroxide is a new trend recently. Traditional halogenated flame retardants work well, but they produce a lot of smoke, which is the background for the development of Al (OH) 3 alone. But to make aluminum hydroxide a good protagonist, we must overcome a series of formulation and processing difficulties. The first step is to resolve the contradiction between high dose and difficulty. At the same time, the addition of Al (OH) 3 in large dose will inevitably lead to the deterioration of material physical properties.


3. Effective measures to realize the single use of aluminum hydroxide


In the case of aluminum hydroxide used alone, with the increase of its dosage, the contradiction of flame retardancy improvement and physical property decline appears, and corresponding measures should be taken.


(1) Improve fineness: Like other powder materials, the fineness of Al (OH) 3 is closely related to the mechanical properties of the filler. With the increase of fineness, tensile strength and elongation at break increase successively.


(2) Dosage: The most appropriate dosage for aluminum hydroxide single use system when various properties reach the best balance varies according to different types of glue.


(3) Surface treatment: Ultrafine Al (OH) 3, after surface treatment, is beneficial to the improvement of physical properties and processing (refers to the uniform dispersion in rubber), but has no effect on the improvement of flame retardancy.



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