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R & D team

Hefei Zhongke Flame Retardant New Materials Co., Ltd. has established an experimental research and development institution, focusing on product research and development design and manufacturing. The core personnel of the technical and management team of this experimental institution have decades of industry experience and have extensive experimental theory and practical experience. There is a professional team with extensive experience in the field of experimental foundation and manufacturing in the field of cohesion and internal cultivation. At present, there are a total of professional teams in basic experiments, product applications, process manufacturing, test production and other aspects.

The R & D center team actively innovates, obtains a number of project development funds and industrial application support. At the same time, it conducts technical personnel exchanges and R & D cooperation with well-known domestic research institutions and universities such as the Industry Testing Center.

The R & D center team has professional product research experiments and product manufacturing capabilities, which can fully meet customer application requirements in many fields.

R & D capabilities

ZHONGKE R & D center was established in 2010. The center has a TG / DTA thermal weight loss analyzer, a laser particle size analyzer, a DH-300 hydrometer, a WBD-2 automatic whiteness meter, and a ZDJ-4A automatic Potentiometric titrator, PB-10 standard pH meter, DDSJ-308F conductivity meter, SFY-20BL rapid moisture analyzer, BT-100 general loose density tester, optical microscope, CNC high-temperature furnace and other precision detection instruments, the company has long-term In close cooperation with scientific research institutions such as universities and colleges, our center has a twin-screw extruder, high-speed mixer, injection molding machine, twin-roll kneader, high-power microscope, and oxygen index for testing the combustion performance of products for design and development of products. Meters, vertical burners, smoke densitometers, cone calorimeters, and glow wire testers suitable for measuring the fire hazard test and combustion performance test of electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials, and their use for tracking resistance tracking tests. Leakage tracking tester, etc., detection capabilities can cover organic, inorganic, chemical products and fire retardant products.

Our center provides customers with round-the-clock technical support services. In the process of product use, customers can contact us.

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