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Compound flame retardant for low-smoke and halogen-free cable materials



Commodity name: low-smoke halogen-free cable material special flame retardant for cable material

Appearance:White superfine powder

Function: Environmentally friendly flame retardant, smoke suppressant, anti-melt dripping filler.

Widely used in EVA/PE, EPDM, various elastomers and other low-smoke halogen-free cable materials and heat-shrinkable elastomers and other flame-retardant and smoke-eliminating materials


2. Characteristics:

Appearance: white powder; effective content ≥98.5%.

Decomposition temperature≥300℃; moisture content≤0.3% particle size D50=1.5um

Comply with RoHS and REACH environmental protection requirements. Silane KH-550 modified coating treatment.


3. Product introduction:

In view of the current situation of complex flame retardant formulations in the field of low-smoke and halogen-free cable materials, large differences between companies, uneven quality and cost, Weifang Far East Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has worked with Qingdao University of Science and Technology and well-known experts from Shanghai Cable Research Institute through long-term efforts , Successfully developed several low-smoke halogen-free cable materials flame-retardant formulations and successfully developed the "Yunhuo" brand low-smoke halogen-free cable materials special flame retardant. We believe that with our years of practical experience, we will definitely help you and your business directly.

EVA low-smoke halogen-free cable material flame retardant is white superfine powder, which can be directly mixed with polymer materials, eliminating the need for sea selection and a large number of tests of flame retardants. In our compound formula, each inorganic halogen-free flame retardant plays a role in synergy, smoke suppression and cost reduction. Halogen-free flame-retardant cables can not only overcome the defects of large smoke, toxic and corrosive gases when burning halogen and antimony flame-retardant cables, but also overcome the problems of common halogen and antimony cable materials such as easy aging and poor low-temperature brittleness. The produced cable has excellent flame retardant properties and cable physical properties. The advantages of "Yunhuo" brand EVA low-smoke halogen-free cable material flame retardant in EVA cable material are mainly reflected in the following points:


1. After EVA cable material is modified by flame retardant, the flame retardant performance and high temperature carbon formation of the cable material are significantly improved.


2. When flame retardants are properly added, the elongation at break of the EVA cable material reaches 641.8%, the tensile strength reaches 15.26 MPa, the oxygen index reaches 29.3, and the horizontal and vertical combustion reaches UL 94V-O level.


3. After flame retardant modification, the thermal stability of EVA cable material is significantly improved. The TG thermogravimetric analysis chart shows that the residual carbon content of flame retardant EVA cable material reaches about 18 at 600°C, while the non-flame retardant material Only around 2.


4. Cone calorimetric analysis shows that after EVA cable material is flame-retardant modified, its ignition time reaches 29 s, and the maximum heat release rate drops to 393 kw/m.


The flame retardant is halogen-free, heavy metal-free, high decomposition temperature, and low melt viscosity. Comply with RoHS and REACH environmental protection requirements. The powder has undergone ultra-fine and good surface treatment, so that the flame retardant does not precipitate or migrate in the product, and the flame retardant effect has passed UL 94 V-0.


4. storage and precautions

Store in a dry, normal temperature environment, prevent moisture and heat.


25 kg/bag, paper-plastic + aluminum foil packaging

    A total of



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