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Application and effect of magnesium hydroxide in fireproof coating


Fire-retardant coatings are one of the varieties of special coatings and an important part of fire-retardant building materials. Fire retardant coatings are generally used on the surface of steel structure substrates, which can reduce the flammability of the steel surface, prevent the rapid spread of fire, and improve the fire resistance of steel. Applying a high-performance fire-retardant coating to the surface of the substrate can not only play a decorative role, but also anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-smoke. More importantly, the fire-retardant coating can prevent the flame when a fire occurs. The spread of fire, control the development of the fire, and play an effective role in protecting the internal structure.


Magnesium hydroxide, as a representative of inorganic flame retardants, plays an increasingly important role in fireproof materials due to its many advantages such as good thermal stability, non-volatility, no precipitation, no toxic gas generation, and no pollution. Magnesium hydroxide is currently the most popular environmentally friendly flame retardant. It has a good flame retardant effect when added to fire retardant coatings. It has the characteristics of fire resistance limit, high adhesion, good water resistance, and no toxic gas. On the other hand, because nanomaterials have the characteristics of small size effect, surface and interface effects, quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect, as well as the advantages of low loading and high flame retardant efficiency. According to the above characteristics, the surface of magnesium hydroxide can be modified to nano-magnesium hydroxide, and the effect of using nano-magnesium hydroxide as the flame retardant of the fireproof coating will be better.


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