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Flame Retardant Mechanism of Aluminum Hydroxide

1.  Reaction endothermic.

As we mentioned above, aluminum hydroxide is heated to produce aluminum oxide and water. This reaction is an endothermic reaction.

In this process, not only the heat is absorbed and the combustion of the polymer is delayed, but the water vapor released by the reaction dilutes the combustible gas and oxygen, and also participates in the reaction of the condensation phase.

2. Dilution
In addition to the water vapor mentioned in (1) that can dilute flammable gases and oxygen, because aluminum hydroxide also plays a filling role, resulting in a decrease in polymer per unit volume, and the filled aluminum hydroxide plays a role of dilution.

3. Coverage
The aluminum oxide and other carbides formed by the reaction together form a flame-retardant barrier and inhibit the spread of flames.

4. Carbonization
Flame retardants produce strong dehydrating substances under burning conditions, carbonizing plastics and not easily producing flammable volatiles, thereby preventing the spread of flames.

Application of different types of aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide can be divided into industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade according to its use, and according to different usage requirements, it can be divided into ordinary type and ultrafine type. So what kind of applications do they have?

Industrial aluminum hydroxide application:

Suitable for epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polybutadiene

rubber, etc.; it can also be used for catalyst carrier.

Application of other types of products:

1. Ordinary type: combined method aluminum hydroxide fluoride salt, water purification agent;

2. Bayer process aluminum hydroxide: fluoride salt, water purification agent, activated alumina;

3. High white filler aluminum hydroxide: artificial marble and artificial agate filler, toothpaste friction agent, flame retardant, etc.

4.Ultra-fine type: cable, rubber and plastic, cosmetics, paper filler;

5. Low iron  type : special glass, artificial agate;

6. low sodium aluminum hydroxide  type: catalyst carrier.

In short, different types of aluminum hydroxide have different applications in different fields. If you can choose the right product according to its performance when choosing, it can make it more effective.

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