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Flame Retardant applied in wire and cable

  • 2020-03-30

Flame retardant / smoke suppressant must be added in the production of wires and cables. Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant can be used as the main additive of polyvinyl chloride, which has good flame retardant, smoke suppression, and adsorption of toxic gases.


It has uniform particle size distribution, good compatibility with the substrate, and has little effect on the mechanical properties of the product.

High product content, good flame retardancy.

The product has good activation effect, high activation degree and good fusion.

The large amount of filling can greatly reduce the cost of cable materials.

High processing temperature (the decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is 330 ℃, which is 100 ℃ higher than that of aluminum hydroxide), it can accelerate the extrusion speed, improve the plasticizing effect, and the surface gloss of the product is high. The price is low and the same flame retardant effect is achieved. Mg (OH) 2 is half the price of Al (OH) 3.

The low-smoke and halogen-free cable material flame retardant produced by Hefei Zhongke Flame Retardant New Material Co., Ltd. is a white ultra-fine powder, which can be directly mixed with polymer materials, eliminating the need for a large number of flame retardants and a large number of Trouble of trial. In our compound formulations, the various inorganic halogen-free flame retardants play a synergistic role, suppress smoke and reduce costs. The halogen-free flame-retardant cable can not only overcome the shortcomings of halogen and antimony flame retardant cables when burning, but also emit toxic and corrosive gases. It can also overcome the problems of ordinary halides and antimony cables with easy aging and poor low temperature brittleness. The prepared cable has excellent flame retardancy and cable physical properties.

The low-smoke halogen-free cable material flame retardant has the following advantages in the use of EVA cable material: 1. After the EVA cable material is modified by the flame retardant, the flame retardant performance of the cable material and the high-temperature carbon forming properties Significantly improved.

2. When flame retardant is properly added, the elongation at break of EVA cable material reaches 641.8%, tensile strength reaches 15.26 MPa, oxygen index reaches 29.3, and horizontal and vertical combustion reaches UL 94V-O level.

3. The thermal stability of the EVA cable material is significantly improved after being flame-retardant modified. The TG thermogravimetric analysis chart shows that the residual carbon content of the flame-retardant EVA cable material at 60 ° C reaches about 18, while the non-flame-retardant material Only around 2.

4. Cone calorimetry analysis shows that after flame-retardant modification of EVA cable material, its ignition time reaches 29 s, and the maximum heat release rate is reduced to 393 kw / m.

The flame retardant is halogen-free and heavy metal-free, has high decomposition temperature, and low melt viscosity. Comply with RoHS environmental protection requirements. The powder has been ultra-fine and good surface treatment, so that the flame retardant does not precipitate or migrate in the product, and the flame retardant effect has passed UL 94 V-0 level. 

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